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Natural High Rocket-Powered Funny Car
Natural High Rocket-Powered Funny Car, Three-Time World Record Holder: 1980,1981,1984.
Natural High featured on the cover of Drag Review publication, October 9, 1981, as Larry “Flash” Flickinger prepares for another World Record attempt. Drag Review cover
Natural High and crew at NASA Goddard Natural High and crew at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center: Roy Clark (left), Bobby Hubble (center), Larry Flickinger (right).
Preparing for exhibition run in Englishtown, NJ. Larry “Flash” Flickinger and Natural High has a reputation for drawing the highest attendance for exhibition runs for several years. Natural High exhibition run
Fuel system Owner/driver Larry “Flash” Flickinger displaying Natural High's hydrogen peroxide fuel system.
Natural High's heart: The rocket engine which produces 5,000 lbs of thrust equaling 10,000 horsepower. The rocket engine closeup.
Larry Flickinger receiving I.H.R.A. award. Larry “Flash” Flickinger receives the I.H.R.A. Showman of the Year award in 1980.


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