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Natural High Owner/Driver Larry "Flash" Flickinger. Larry Flickinger

On December 21, 1951, Larry Flickinger was born in the back seat of a car doing 120 miles per hour, on the way to the hospital. This may account for his love of speed.

Although Larry, who is known by all as “Flick”, received a very good education in the form of High School and college in Frederick Maryland and a worldly education at airports, race tracks, and machine shops, someone failed to tell him, you're NOT suppose to go that fast.

At an early age, 10, Flick was very much interested in stock car and stunt driving. At the age of 12, Flick was giving his first car which he drove for miles on the farm he lived at. As he approached the legal driving age, money forced him to the Drag Strip. Flick simply could not afford a Grand National CAR at the age of 16. Some of Flicks early ventures were Stunt Driving, Boat Racing, Demolition Derby’s, Tractor Pulling and anything that had a steering wheel. Due to his age and inexperience a Big Ride was just not there so he built himself a SS/D Mustang. By then Flick was 18 and really determined to single in on Drag Racing as a career. He ran an advertisement in the paper, (driver for hire-cheap). It wasn’t much but it got him rides in Pro-Stockers, Altereds, Blown Gas Altereds, and a National Record holding B/Fuel dragster, Flick was on his way.

People realized that Flick was a natural driver possessing all the necessary requirements to succeed. Tall and slim, intelligent, with extremely quick reflexes, and an ability to diagnose a problem and come up with a solution in a matter of a split second, coupled with a desire to go faster than anyone else has ever gone made him a driver very much in demand. Flick campaigned his racing for several years with some success but once again the main problem cropped up—money. Being the innovator he is, he quickly realized that he could never be able to afford the car he wanted without a much greater income. He dropped out of racing for 3 years and started “Flicks Auto Body Shop” specializing in restoring antique cars. The business Boomed!!

The body shop now does custom race car paint and body work, restores old cars, body work and paint on expensive domestic cars, and virtually anything, anyone wants done on a car for money. He then started trying to reunite himself with the Drag Racing World. He found things had changed quite a bit in 3 years and Top Fuel Cars were no longer the fastest accelerating vehicle on the face of the earth—A Rocket Car was.

While trying to familiarize himself with Rocket Systems he contacted a friend, Roy Clark. Together they formed Rocket Propulsion Inc. with the sole intent of building the fastest car ever to roll the face of the earth.

Flick will finally get his chance, and is preparing himself for the car with courses in Rocket Propulsion, extensive physical and reflex training, and talking to anyone or anything that now or has ever been associated with a Rocket.



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