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Natural High

Natural High, a Rocket-Powered Funny Car, is one of the safest, most dependable vehicles ever to traverse the Quarter Mile. The system used in Natural High is a true liquid monopropellant engine using 90 percent hydrogen peroxide for fuel. This engine, with no moving parts, generates 5,000 lbs of thrust equivalent to 10,000 horsepower and achieves maximum power in one-tenth of a second. The exhaust gas is distilled water and oxygen and is 100 percent pollution-free.

Owner/driver Larry "Flash" Flickinger has piloted Natural High to three World Speed Records in the quarter mile:

  • 4.72 E.T. at 342.33 MPH, Rockingham, NC, September 14, 1980
  • 4.30 E.T. at 344.82 MPH, Bristol, TN, October 11, 1981. Note: The car's rear tire came off the track midway; chutes deployed at half track. Had this incident not occurred, this run could have been under 3 seconds at over 500 MPH.
  • 3.98 E.T. at 401 MPH, Blaney Raceway in Columbia, SC, April 1984.

In addition to these World Records, he set new records at every track in which he has appeared. Larry Flickinger has been called "one of the fastest humans beings in the quarter mile." For more information, visit the Owner/Driver web page.

For additional technical information on the Natural High Rocket-Powered Funny Car, the following PDF files are available for download (Adobe Reader® required):

    How and why it works and why it is safe.
    How and why it works and why it is safe.
    What makes the operation of such a vehicle safe.
    that we have found to be true.

Natural High Rocket-Powered Funny Car

Below is Youtube footage of track record set at at New England Raceway

Below is Youtube footage of exhibition run at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, 1984



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